• Long battery life
  • Wireless connection via Bluetooth
  • Different models for temperatures between -200 and 200°C
  • Configure alarms, data logging intervals, startup options, time and temperature units
  • Monitor in the EDGEVue® Mobile App.

Electronic temperature sensors from Zebra

Wireless connectivity for real-time monitoring

Zebra’s M-300 is an advanced wireless temperature sensor designed specifically for monitoring temperature parameters in various environments. With its accurate measurements, ease of use and reliable performance, the M-300 provides an effective solution for temperature monitoring and management.

Accurate temperature measurements and reliability

The M-300 uses wireless connectivity to send and receive temperature data efficiently. This enables users to collect and monitor real-time temperature readings, allowing them to proactively respond to any temperature anomalies. Whether in warehouses, cold storage, transportation or other applications, this temperature gauge from Zebra provides reliable and accurate temperature readings.

Long battery life for long-term monitoring

One of the main advantages of the M-300 is its long battery life. The device is designed to operate long-term and continuously without frequent battery replacement, making it a cost-effective solution for long-term temperature monitoring. This is especially important in environments where constant monitoring is required.

Easy installation and configuration

Installation and configuration of the M-300 is simple and easy to use. The device can be easily integrated into existing monitoring and management systems, allowing users to quickly get started monitoring temperature data. This saves time and simplifies the implementation process.

Warnings and notifications for temperature deviations

Another valuable feature of the M-300 is its ability to generate alerts and notifications. When the measured temperature falls outside preset limits, the device can send immediate alerts, allowing users to take quick and actionable action to correct deviations and maintain temperature parameters. This helps organizations comply with regulations and quality standards, and minimizes the risk of damage to temperature-sensitive products.


All in all, Zebra’s M-300 offers a complete and reliable temperature monitoring solution. With its wireless connectivity, long battery life, easy installation and configuration, and alert capabilities, it is a valuable tool for organizations managing temperature-sensitive environments. Please refer to Zebra’s official documentation for more detailed information about this model and its specific features.

Zebra temperature gauge M-300

Specs Zebra M-300

Dimensionsdiameter: 50 mm
thickness: 22 mm
Battery life12 months
SensorsTemperature Range: -45 to 85°C
Protection classIP67
Weight57 gr

M-300-P temperature gauge from Zebra

Specs Zebra M-300-P

Dimensionsdiameter: 50 mm
thickness: 22 mm
Battery life12 months
SensorsTemperature Range: -200 to 200°C
Protection classIP40
Weight57 gr

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Zebra M-300

Zebra electronic temperature sensors wirelessly monitor the environments of temperature-sensitive products. The mobile, wireless temperature sensors are Bluetooth® compatible and offer mobile connectivity and data exchange to ensure that temperature-sensitive products are monitored throughout the process.

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