• Available in IP65 and IP67 protection classes
  • Can be customized to specific requirements
  • Captures barcodes quickly and reliably

Zebra’s FS70 fixed scanner

Designed for use in industrial environments, the FS70 provides a high-performance barcode scanning solution. This scanner enables accurate, reliable and fast barcode reading regardless of the size, distance or location of the barcode.

Customize the FS70 to your specific application requirements using C-mount external lenses. This allows you to tune the scanner to the correct working distance and field of view for your application. Ideal for reading bar codes on parts, packaging and products in manufacturing, warehousing and distribution.

Moreover, the FS70 is compatible with virtually any external illumination solution, making it possible to read even the most challenging bar codes. Consider low-contrast direct part markings or bar codes printed on curved or reflective surfaces.

Another key advantage of the FS70 is its compatibility with the Zebra Aurora software. This powerful and intuitive software platform makes it easy to set up, deploy and use the scanner. In addition, the FS70 offers exclusive features such as ImagePerfect+ and PRZM Intelligent Imaging, which ensure accurate data capture with every scan. With the FS70, you have a powerful and customizable solution at your disposal to improve and optimize production, storage, distribution and logistics processes. It enables your company to work more efficiently and increase overall productivity.

FS70 Specifications

Dimensions54.0 mm H x 64.0 mm W x 91.4 mm D
Operating Temperature0° C to 40° C
AimerRed Class II Laser; 8-point sunburst pattern
Acquisition Rate2.3MP: Up to 60 frames/second 5.1MP: Up to 30 frames/second
Weight400.0 g
Keyboard supportSupports over 90 international keyboards

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Zebra FS70

The FS70 is a high-performance barcode scanner for industrial environments, designed to accurately and reliably read barcodes regardless of size, distance or location. It is customizable to specific application requirements and compatible with various lighting solutions and Zebra Aurora software, making it easy to implement and use. In short, it is a powerful solution for improving and optimizing production, storage, distribution and logistics processes.

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