• Lightweight & thin model
  • Well priced
  • Advanced and easy-to-use 3-inch color display
  • Ideal for retail

Mobile computer for retail

The EC30 is the ideal solution for companies with unconnected personnel who need quick access to information and communication to perform their work efficiently and effectively. With this mobile computer, employees can quickly and easily access supervisors and product information. This ensures that customer service is improved, ultimately resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

The EC30’s portability is an important feature. The device is small, lightweight and durable, allowing employees to carry it with them at all times and use it easily during their daily tasks. Whether accessing information, recording data or communicating with colleagues, the EC30 provides a convenient tool that fits seamlessly into staff workflow.

Combining voice and data capabilities, including secure text messaging and barcode scanning, the EC30 offers versatility and functionality. Employees can communicate and share information efficiently, allowing them to respond to situations and complete tasks in real time. The use of barcode scanning enables fast and accurate data capture, war further improves operational efficiency.

Another advantage of the EC30 are the 18 Mobility DNA tools designed specifically for this device, These tools provide ease of use, integration, implementation and daily management. This makes it easy for companies to integrate and use mobile computing into their existing processes. These tools allow companies to customize the functionality of the EC30 to meet their specific needs and workflows, making the most of the device’s capabilities.

In short, the EC30 is a powerful mobile computer that enables unconnected personnel to quickly access information and communication, making their work more efficient and effective. With its portability, versatility and convenient tools, this mobile computer provides a valuable solution for businesses looking to increase productivity, improve customer service and provide their staff with the tools they need to be successful in performing their tasks.


Dimensions114 mm W x 57 mm H x 14 mm D
Drop Spec1.2 m drop to smooth concrete across operating temperature
Operating systemAndroid 11; upgradeable through Android 12
Tumble Spec1,000 0.5 m tumbles
Weight110 grams
CPUQualcomm SnapdragonTM 660 octa-core 2.2 GHz

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Zebra EC30

Zebra’s EC30’s light weight and small size make it easy to carry with you while performing tasks. Because the device is designed in this way, it is ideal for retail use.

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