• One place for all your equipment
  • For 2 ProGlove MARK scanners
  • Screw holes for mounting
  • Charging status is indicated on the scanner

ProGlove Charging Station

With the ProGlove Charging Station, up to 2 scanners of the MARK family can be charged simultaneously with power after shifts. Ideal for cases where barcode scanners are spread across individual workstations in a large environment rather than in a central room. A full charge cycle of a MARK scanner is completed in less than 2 hours and is indicated by the scanner’s optical feedback LED. The charging station is designed to be easily attached to horizontal surfaces or mounted vertically. The bundle includes the required USB cable and power cord, depending on the region of use.


Loading time2 hours
Weight110 grams
Dimension140 x 56 x 19 mm
Charging temperature5°C - 40°C

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ProGlove Charging Station 2 slot

The 2-slot ProGlove Charging Station is compact, charges quickly and replaces many and tangled cables in crowded outlets and extension cords. The charging station can be used vertically or horizontally and is easy to mount.

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