• One place for all your equipment
  • For 10 MARK Series ProGlove scanners: MARK Display, MARK 2 and MARK Basic
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting
  • Suitable for limited space

Charging Station MARK products

The 10-Slot Charging Station with 10 charging trays for MARK family modules is ideal for centralized device management. The charging process takes about two hours per module – regardless of how many other scanners are being charged at the same time. The LEDs and display on the MARK barcode scanners give you feedback on the current charging status. The robust aluminum backplate offers a wide range of mounting options, both vertically and horizontally: it is compatible with cable ties, screws, wall mounts, desktop mounting systems and DIN rails, making it easy to attach the device to your storage location. The bundle includes the international power adapter.


Loading time2 hours
Weight2.2 kg
Dimension298 x 203 x 25 mm
Charging temperature5°C - 40°C

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ProGlove Charging Station 10 slot

The 10-slot Charging Station is compact, charges quickly and replaces many and tangled cables in full sockets and extension cords. The charging station can be used vertically or horizontally and is easy to mount.

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