• Tested for falls up to 1.5 meters in height
  • The fastest wireless connections
  • Full touch screen
  • Replaceable battery
  • Fast rechargeable battery

Unsurpassed scanning performance with Newland’s MT90 Orca Pro

The MT90 Orca Pro has Google’s AER designation, indicating that it keeps up with performance and security upgrades to its operating system and core functionality. This label, combined with Newland’s free MDM Ndevor, allows customers to maintain secure visibility and control over their devices regardless of location. The MT90 Orca Pro is also available without Google Mobile Services (GMS), a more streamlined consideration for applications that stay within four walls.

Also, the MT90 has fast charging for its standard and extended battery. Both batteries are replaceable, allowing the user to work multiple shifts per day.

The MT90’s megapixel scanner is built into the top of the device and can be activated by a virtual button on the screen, physical buttons on the side of the device or via the trigger on the PG90 Pistol grip handle. Newland’s Acuscan feature makes the device ideal for picking applications.

This mobile device from Newland is built to withstand dusty environments and inevitable bumps and drops. It has Gorilla Glass, an IP65 rating and has been drop tested to 1.5 meters, ensuring long and reliable use.

A wide range of accessories is included in the package, namely: USB cable, battery, rubber sleeve and multi-plug adapter. Various pistol grips, including both UHF and long-range, holsters, multi-charge cradles, communication cradle and vehicle cradle kit are for the MT90 Orca series.


Dimensions155mm(W) x 78mm(D) x 20(H)mm
Weight 265 grams ( with battery)
Operating SystemAndroid 10 - GMS, Android Enterprise Recommended (AER).
Drop SpecMultiple 1.5 m drops to concrete over the entire operating temperature range
InterfacesMicro USB
Warranty 2 years

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Newland MT90 Orca Pro

The MT90 Orca Pro is an Android mobile computer that includes all the latest hardware in a modern and user-friendly design, just like the rest of its series. It is a light and durable device with a 5-inch touchscreen.

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