• Scans tags up to 6 meters away
  • Ideal for managing inventory
  • Offers UHF + 1D/2D scanning
  • Provides an increase in productivity
  • Fall resistance up to 12 meters on concrete

The Honeywell IH40 RFID reader

The IH40 allows workers to capture RFID tags and barcodes with the same combination of devices. This makes it possible to count inventory in the store, warehouse and production facility up to 25 times faster than with barcodes, allowing more frequent updates of inventory and accurate management of inventory levels.

The IH40 RFID reader can capture RFID tags up to 6 meters away and is ideal for use in warehouses and storage areas where moving inventory and accurately tracking inventory levels are critical.

The IH40’s high-capacity battery is replaceable in the field and usually lasts a full shift, increasing the speed and usability of tasks. The IH40 also allows workers to accurately pick orders and improve order processing efficiency, helping to increase overall output in production environments.

In short, the Honeywell IH40 RFID reader is a powerful and versatile tool that can improve the accuracy and efficiency of inventory management in various industries.


Dimensions190 mm x 79 mm x 154 mm
Reading distanceUp to 6 meters
Drop SpecMultiple 12-meter falls on concrete
Operating temp-10° C to 40° C

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Honeywell IH40

The Honeywell IH40 is a next-generation RFID reader designed specifically for use in retail, warehousing and logistics, transportation and manufacturing. It is a lightweight and ergonomically designed device that comes with a Honeywell high-performance mobile computer. The IH40 offers best-in-class UHF plus 1D/2D scanning, RFID range and speed.

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