• Multiple operating systems possible
  • Delivers excellent Wi-Fi performance
  • Suitable for use in different environments
  • Easy to manage

The AP305C and AP305CX from Extreme Networks

The AP305C and AP305CX are indoor enterprise access points from Extreme Networks. They are designed to deliver excellent WiFi performance and allow customers to choose between different operating systems, including the IQ Engine or the WiNG operating system. This makes it a flexible and versatile solution for businesses that need an advanced WiFi solution.

The AP305C and AP305CX are based on a new system-on-a-chip with two built-in dual-band radios. This provides higher WiFi efficiency and faster data transfer rates of up to 2.4 Gbps. The access point can be configured for dual 5 GHz connectivity for indoor and industrial environments.

Maximum flexibility

Another advantage of the AP305C and AP305CX is that they are the first generation of access points that can run multiple operating systems from Extreme Networks. This gives customers the flexibility to choose between on-premise or cloud deployment, and minimizes the total cost of ownership by keeping hardware from rapidly becoming obsolete.

Customers can choose between models with integrated or external antennas, depending on their needs. The access point can be managed via the cloud or locally, depending on customer preference. All in all, the AP305C and AP305CX offer a powerful, versatile and cost-effective solution for businesses looking for advanced WiFi performance and flexibility in their network infrastructure.

Specifications AP305

Dimensions and weightAP 305C: 133mm x 133mm x 37mm - AP 305CX: 147mm x 147mm x 39mm
Weight400 grams
Operating temperature0 to 40 °C
Storage temperature-40 to 70 °C

Is the Extreme Networks AP305 the best choice?

It depends entirely on your circumstances. Consider the desired coverage area, black spots, available frequency channels, sources of interference and so on.

Therefore, a wireless site survey (a Wi-Fi measurement) at your location is always the best start. Have one of our WiFi specialists perform a WiFi measurement at your location by filling out the form below. Whether it’s a warehouse, office environment or manufacturing location, we can help you with a thorough analysis for complete insight into the status of your Wi-Fi network. Plus clear advice with concrete suggestions for access points and switches to improve your network.

Wifi measurement in warehouse for proper access points

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Extreme Networks AP305

The AP305 and AP305CX are powerful and flexible indoor access points from Extreme Networks with excellent WiFi performance and the ability to run different operating systems, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses that need advanced WiFi performance and flexibility.

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