• Narrow product shape
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Robust
  • 16.9-inch display

The UTC-515 PC from LDoG

The UTC-515 is a versatile touchscreen PC designed for use in a variety of environments. The compact design makes it easy to integrate the computer into various applications, while the rugged construction ensures durability and reliability.

One of the striking features of the UTC-515 is the unique groove around the frame, which serves as a rail for peripherals. This allows accessories such as scanners, printers and card readers to be attached smoothly, increasing efficiency and productivity.

In addition, the UTC-515 features a powerful Intel processor and a capacitive touchscreen for fast and precise user interaction. The system is equipped with various connectivity options, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ethernet, for hassle-free integration with other systems and devices.

Overall, the UTC-515 is a reliable and versatile computer suitable for a wide range of applications, ranging from retail and hospitality to industrial production and healthcare.


Dimensions389.81 mm x 240.12 mm x 45.20 mm
Weight 4.85 kg
Resolution display1366 x 768
Relative humidity10 - 95%

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DLoG UTC-515

The UTC-515 is a compact touchscreen PC with a unique groove around the frame that acts as rails for peripherals. This allows accessories to be attached without difficulty. This robust and noiseless PC is suitable for a variety of applications ranging from checking prices in retail stores to collecting data on a production line in an industrial environment.

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