• IP65 and IP67 rated
  • Suitable against temperatures from -10 to 50 °C
  • Easy remote customization and configuration possible
  • Reads bar codes with extremely high accuracy

The Matrix 220 from Datalogic

The Matrix 220 is an advanced industrial 2D barcode scanner with superior performance and a wide range of features. It features a high-resolution 1.2 MP sensor, innovative lighting solutions and electronic focusing technology, making it ideal for applications in electronics, automotive, packaging and document processing. The barcode scanner is capable of reading various types of bar codes, including DPM codes.

The Matrix 220 offers excellent image quality and contrast thanks to its High Dynamic Range feature, which improves code readability and can increase scanning speed. It also supports Digimarc Barcode technology for value-added decoding.

The imager is equipped with a flexible lighting system that provides optimal illumination on different surfaces. It also has electronic focus control, allowing easy adjustments and configuration.

With a rugged housing and a high industrial IP65 and IP67 rating, the Matrix 220 can withstand harsh environments. It has a wide operating temperature range from -10 to 50° C and offers reliable performance in manufacturing industries, among others.

With its excellent performance and cost-effective communication options, the Matrix 220 is a valuable addition to the Datalogic portfolio, offering a high price/performance ratio.

Matrix 220 Specifications

Dimensions78mm x 47mm x 38mm or 57mm x 47mm x 58mm
Operating Temperature-10° C to 50° C
Storage Temperature-20 to 70 °C
Protection ClassIP65 and IP67
Weight173 grams

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Datalogic Matrix 220

The Matrix 220 is an advanced industrial 2D barcode scanner with high resolution, innovative lighting and electronic focusing. It reads various bar codes, supports Digimarc and has a user-friendly interface. It is robust, suitable for your harsh environments and offers good value for money.

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