• Compact and small size
  • IP65 certified
  • Temperature resistance from 0 to 45° C
  • Equipped with user-friendly configuration software
  • Fast scanning speed

The Matrix 120 from Datalogic

The Matrix 120 is a small and powerful 2D barcode scanner designed specifically for use in industrial environments. It is the smallest barcode scanner in its class and offers excellent performance and versatility.

The Matrix 120 is ideal for situations where space is limited and easy integration is important. It can be used in various industries and is ideal for printing and applying labels. It is also suitable for entry-level applications in factory automation, such as the electronics, packaging and food industries.

The barcode scanner is available in different models, with different sensors for reading different types of bar codes. It also has special versions for short-range barcode reading and for use on reflective surfaces.

The Matrix 120 is solidly built and can handle challenging environmental conditions, such as dust and humidity. It can also be used in the tire industry since the barcode scanner is protected against wavel gas.

The Matrix 120 is easy to use, with convenient features such as configuration software, a button for quick access to key functions and a user-friendly interface.

In short, this fixed barcode scanner from Datalogic is a small but powerful device that excels in performance and ease of use. It is suitable for various industrial applications and offers reliable barcode reading capabilities in a compact format.

Matrix 120 Specifications

Dimensions45.4 x 31.1 x 23.5 mm or 45.4 x 48.5 x 23.5 mm
Operating Temperature0°C to 45°C
Storage Temperature-20°C to 70°C
Weight117 grams

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Datalogic Matrix 120

The Matrix 120 is a small and powerful 2D barcode scanner for industrial environments. It reads various bar codes, is compact and easy to use. It is suitable for various industries and offers reliable performance at all times.

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