• 16 or 32 1G SFP ports
  • Two 10G SFP+ uplinks
  • Up to 144G switching capacity
  • 160 Gbps of physical stacking
  • 1RU rack-mountable
  • Voice and video QoS
  • Non-blocking switch structure

MS410 Switches

This series of switches comes with a range of switching options, true zero-touch configuration and integrated troubleshooting, logging and alerting tools that reduce your operational costs. The MS410 grows with the changing needs and demands of your organization.

The MS410 has a wide range of accessories such as a hot-swappable transceiver that provides fast communication between switches and other network components, an 18K RPM system fan or high-quality stacking cables to connect switches in series.

Stacking with Cisco Meraki

Network management at the access switch level has become increasingly challenging. Over the past decade, the number of Ethernet users has exploded and there has been a commensurate increase in the number of ports allocated per user. There was also the emergence of the distributed network. As a result, IT managers have to deal with managing large, distributed networks with tools better suited to managing the simple centralized networks of the past.

Although stacking technology has been around for more than two decades, it is only in the past decade that mass commercialization has occurred. Stacking is designed to better scale a network and simplify network management. The IT administrator has a single IP address to manage a “stack” of switches. Without stacking, each switch needs its own IP address, and as the ports and size of the network grow, this is simply not scalable. Read the full white paper (English).

Models MS410

  • MS410-16 with 16 ports
  • MS410-32 with 32 ports

MS410 Specifications

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Cisco Meraki MS410

The MS410 switches series from Cisco Meraki: Layer 3 aggregation switch that lets you connect multiple access layer devices for a versatile Wi-Fi network.

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