• Two 40G or four/eight 10G modular fiber optic uplinks
  • 480 Gbps physical stacking, up to eight units
  • All models include a power supply
  • Modular power supply/fans
  • Flexible mounting options

MS390 Switches

The Cisco Meraki is a powerful switch designed for demanding business applications and managed through the simple Meraki dashboard. It offers multigigabit ports and modular uplinks to meet the needs of high-speed access points and applications. The MS390 offers excellent performance with fast stack convergence and StackPower for power distribution.

A feature of the MS390 is Adaptive Policy, which segments traffic into security groups. Security policies, such as allow or deny, are easily applied between these groups. This allows for easy management of security policies and makes it scalable compared to old methods based on IP addresses. Administrators can thus secure their network traffic with confidence, even with future network changes.

With StackPower, MS390 switches can easily and resiliently bundle and distribute power across the stack using StackPower cables.

Management of the switches can be done entirely through the intuitive and simple Cisco Meraki Cloud software. Allows firmware updates to be securely scheduled and problems to be solved remotely.


  • MS390-24 with 24 ports
  • MS390-48 with 48 ports

MS390 Specifications

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Cisco Meraki MS390

The Cisco Meraki MS390 is a high-performance switch that meets the demands of demanding business applications. It offers easy management through the Meraki dashboard and has features such as multigigabit ports, stack convergence, Adaptive Policy for security groups and the ability to be managed remotely through the Meraki Cloud software.

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