• OSPF routing, MAC forwarding entries, up to 32K
  • Layer 3, 802.1X authentication
  • 400 Gbps physical stacking, up to eight units
  • QSFP28 stacking ports
  • Modular power supply/fans
  • Up to 60W per mGig port
  • Up to 30W per 1G port
  • All models include 740W

MS355 Switches

The MS355 is a series of high-speed switches designed to prepare organizations for the increasing bandwidth needs of the future 802.11ax wireless standard. With the MS355, organizations can take advantage of higher data rates and improved performance for wireless networks. This is especially useful for large-scale wireless deployments in places such as universities and hospitals.

The MS355 switches are specifically designed to support the needs of future wireless infrastructure. They come in four different models, each with multiple ports capable of handling higher data rates up to 10Gbps. In addition, they also have dedicated ports for advanced functions such as stacking multiple switches and connecting to other high-speed networks.

What sets the Cisco Meraki MS355 apart is that it is a cloud-managed access and aggregation switch. This means it enables centralized management through a user-friendly cloud interface. This offers organizations the advantage of easy and efficient management of their network, while accessing powerful features and reliable performance.

In short, the MS355 is a series of switches that helps organizations prepare for the higher bandwidth requirements of the future wireless standard. With higher data rates and advanced features, they are ideal for large-scale wireless deployments in diverse environments. In addition, the cloud-managed functionality of the Cisco Meraki MS355 provides a simple and reliable way to manage the network.



  • MS355-24 with 24 ports
  • MS355-48 with 48 ports

MS355 Specifications

Power Supply1025W AC
Humidity5% to 95%
Mount Type1U Rack Mount

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Cisco Meraki MS355

The MS355 is a series of high-speed switches that prepare organizations for the future wireless standard. They offer better performance for large-scale wireless networks in different environments. With cloud management and advanced features, they are easy to manage and reliable to use.

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