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Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions offers scanners and rugged mobile computers, warehouse automation and print and media solutions that improve business performance and workflow, increase labor productivity and enrich operational intelligence with data-driven insights.

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warehouse worker using bar code scanner to analyze newly arrived goods for further placement in storage department, logistic working at warehouse.

Honeywell Barcode Scanners

From retail to logistics and manufacturing, Honeywell’s barcode scanners with highly accurate and customizable barcode readers offer superior barcode scanning performance and data capture. Even damaged bar codes can be read quickly and accurately.

The barcode scanners fit a variety of business workflows and offer a variety of configurations. Whether placed at the point of sale, above a conveyor belt in a warehouse or mounted on the wall for quick accessibility, the intuitive barcode readers give companies the freedom to deploy them for their mission-critical needs.

Honeywell truck terminal mounted on a vehicle

Honeywell Forklift Terminals

Honeywell’s vehicle-mounted computers reflect its extensive knowledge and commitment to meeting the needs of supply chain operations of all sizes, in the harshest environments.

These robustly built in-vehicle computers are designed as powerful, flexible and application-oriented solutions that future-proof your warehouse’s mobile computing operations with minimal visual disruption.

With its quick-mounting capabilities, the vehicle-mounted computer is highly mobile and can be quickly moved from one forklift to another. Combined with Honeywell’s enhanced scanners, forklift operators can move quickly and accurately through workflows with minimal effort or physical movement.

Honeywell PM45 Industrial Printer

Honeywell Printers

Whether barcode labels, tickets or RFID tags, printing should be hassle-free. Optimizing your print operations across the organization should be easy to implement and maximize the return on your investment.

From lightweight to very rugged models – both stationary and portable – to printing software, media, services and parts, Honeywell offers a comprehensive range of solutions for any environment or printing application.

Honeywell printer in a warehouse printing a label with a barcode


The partnership between CaptureTech and Honeywell goes back more than 20 years. On top of our Platinum Partner status, we are also a Printer Service Partner. That means, among other things, that our employees are regularly trained by and Honeywell Service Engineers. In the process, their skills are tested annually and we are held to high standards of reliability and speed in performing service jobs for the printers. Thus, our staff is extensively trained to service all industrial printers, desktop printers and mobile printers.