• Superior performance in data-intensive applications
  • Smart Dock feature enables assembly and disassembly in seconds
  • Easily replaceable front panel
  • Installable on virtually any vehicle

Two new industrial computers from Datalogic

Datalogic introduces the Blackline series of industrial computers, consisting of the SH15 and SH21 models. The SH15 Blackline computer serves as a rugged forklift terminal and can also be used as a fixed mounting unit for industrial applications. The SH21 Blackline computer is specifically designed to for wall mounting or fixed mounting in industrial environments. Both computers are designed and tested to operate in harsh conditions, with the IP65/IP67 seal as proof of their ruggedness. The touch models feature 3 mm anti-glare armored glass that can be operated even with gloves on.

In warehouse management scenarios, the SH15 computer increases productivity by reducing errors during receiving, storage, order picking and shipping. The SH21 computer contributes to productivity through the ability to access technical drawings, videos and work instructions, and provides a high degree of interaction between operators and machines. Both computers can be used seamlessly with handheld scanners, such as Datalogic’s PowerScan 9500 scanner, for fast data entry and location confirmation.

The SH15 Blackline computer is equipped with internal isolated DC power supply and ignition detection, allowing automatic power control in vehicle-mount applications. For fixed mounting solutions, the SH15 has an AC internal power supply. The SH21 computer is equipped with an efficient AC internal power supply. Both terminals come with various brackets and RAM mounting kits for vehicle and wall mounting, and are available with external keyboards such as ABCD or QWERTY. A dedicated software keyboard offers a variety of layouts and languages, making both Blackline computers suitable for a variety of applications.

Both computers offer a choice of Windows Embedded Standard 7 or Windows 10 loT Enterprise operating systems. Datalogic provides several utilities that are included. Compatibility with various MDMs and terminal emulation allows both Blackline terminals to maximize their return on investment through easy deployment, device and maintenance management.


DimensionsSH15 Blackline: 38.0 cm, x 30.5 cm x 6.7 cm SH21 Blackline: 55.5 cm x 36.0 cm x 8.4 cm
Operating Humidity5 - 95 %
Operating temp-30 °C to 55 °C
Memory4 GB RAM
Display resolution1024 x 768
Warranty1 year manufacturer's warranty

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Datalogic SH15 / SH21 Blackline

The SH15 and SH21 Blackline computers retain all the robust features found in the related Rhino II vehicle mount computers: enclosed design, capacitive touch screen, excellent Wi-Fi roaming capabilities and more. As an added value, the SH21 Blackline computer with its slim and light housing includes an energy-saving Intel Quad-Core or Intel Core i5 processor. A highly efficient 110/230 VAC internal power supply is available for this product

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