• 2-year warranty
  • 10 hours of battery life
  • Fully charged within 2 hours
  • Super lightweight: 43 grams

Newland WD2 Wearable Scanner

Thanks to Newlands 2D Megapixel scanning technology, the WD2 can effortlessly capture high-quality, bulky and distorted barcodes printed on a wide range of materials. The mid-range version can capture codes from a greater distance than normal and scan a wide range of barcodes that standard scanners may have trouble with.

The standard range uses a red aiming cross design that allows Acuscan for precision scanning of smaller codes. Even when codes are grouped close together, Acuscan allows workers to confidently focus their sight on the exact item they need. The mid-range version uses a single red dot that can be seen from a greater distance to modify larger, isolated codes.

The WD2 has a compact two-slot charging station that is powered via a USB-C cable or a multi-region PSU. The mount has mounting points for mounting, and the quick-click docking magnets keep the WD2 securely in place even when mounted vertically. The holders can be linked together to create a 4-, 6-, 8- or 10-bay multi-dock holder, optimized for 100% efficient charging through a single PSU.

The WD2 is connected to an electronic hand strap with an integrated scan switch comfortably positioned between thumb and index finger. It is available for both right-handed and left-handed operators and comes in two sizes to accommodate small/medium and large hands. The large strap also fits over thicker gloves for cold or heavy duty applications. The scanner remains safely secured with a quick-click docking magnet and an additional security strap until the operator wants to remove it. Its ergonomics and lightness make it perfect for prolonged scanning situations where ”two hands are better than one”.

The WD2 uses strong Bluetooth 5.0 technology with anti-interference. When used with the WD1 Android wrist solution, the WD2 can be paired directly by scanning a 2D barcode on the screen.


Weight43 grams
Fall resistance 1.5 meters
Battery life10 hours
Battery type 670 mAh lithium-ion battery
Warranty2 years

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Newland WD2

With its built-in Acuscan technology, the WD2 captures distorted or closely spaced barcodes, minimizing errors and improving productivity. The compact size and lightweight design reduces user fatigue. The WD2 also comes with a compact 2-slot charging station, which can be connected to form a multi-docking station with up to 10 slots, charged via a single power adapter.

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