• Light weight
  • Affordable
  • Scans all types of 2D bar codes
  • Lasts a whole day
  • Lies comfortably in the hand

The Quickscan 2500 from Datalogic

The Quickscan 2500, developed by Datalogic, is a corded handheld scanner that positions itself as an entry-level model with surprisingly powerful performance. Designed specifically for use in the retail industry, this scanner is built to provide years of reliable service at the checkout. With its versatile capabilities, the Quickscan 2500 can effortlessly read various types of bar codes, even if they are damaged, difficult to read or poorly printed.

One of the convenient features of this scanner is their ability to read bar codes through Plexiglas barriers. This is especially useful in situations where a physical separation, such as a protective screen, is present between the cashier and the customer. This allows employees to scan products quickly and accurately without having to physically touch the barcodes. This contributes to the hygienic and efficient working environment.

Datalogic Scanner QuickScan 2500

A key advantage of the Quickscan 2500 is its affordability compared to other scanners in the same class. Despite its attractive price, this scanner offers good value for money. This makes it a popular choice for small to medium-sized retailers looking for an efficient and reliable scanner that can improve both their POS system and customer service.

All in all, the Quickscan 2500 offers a combination of functionality, durability and ease of use that specifically addresses the needs of the retail sector. It enables retailers to scan barcodes quickly and accurately, even in demanding environments, and helps ensure efficient handling of sales transactions.


Quickscan 2500 specifications

Dimensions15.9 cm x 6.8 cm x 10.7 cm
Weight145 grams
Operating temperature0 to 50 °C
Storage temperature-40 to 70 °C
Warranty5-year manufacturer's warranty

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Datalogic Quickscan 2500

Datalogic’s Quickscan 2500 quickly and reliably scans bar codes in a variety of applications and industries. The scanner is equipped with the patented “Green Spot” technology, which indicates that the reading has been performed correctly. The scanners are available in several models, including wired and wireless options, and are ergonomically designed for comfortable use without user fatigue.