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Digitize your warehouse or DC with electronic shelf labels

Take the next step in digitizing your warehouse with Electronic Shelf Labels and save time and printing. These electronic warehouse labels are implemented with article codes, descriptions, bar codes or with rotating control numbers for Voice Picking, for example.

Manage Electronic Shelf Labels easily with the cloud software tool, which we integrate with your ERP or WMS.

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Warehouse worker voice picking an item with an electronic shelf label

Electronic Shelf Labels for control numbers in Voice Picking

With Voice Picking, different pick locations have control numbers that the order picker speaks to validate that the correct item is picked. To prevent employees from memorizing control numbers, they should be changed regularly. This is costly and a time-consuming job.

By replacing paper warehouse labels with Electronic Shelf Labels, you easily and quickly manage and replace all control numbers in your warehouse or distribution center. You also easily group and split locations for seasonal products, for example.

Warehouse worker scanning an electronic shelf label with a barcode scanner

Electronic Shelf Labels for barcode scanning

Replace traditional warehouse labels with Electronic Shelf Labels and choose a sustainable solution for barcode scanning in your warehouse. The ESLs are configurable and can be provided with, for example, barcode, location, item code, description, etc.

  • Very low energy consumption
  • Quickly update all labels over the wireless network
  • Suitable for areas between -20°C and +30°C
  • Available with various mounting options
Warehouse worker voice picking an item with an electronic shelf label

Full integration

CaptureTech handles the implementation and integration with your WMS or ERP, from A to Z. This allows you to continue using your existing data and systems. Request a free consultation with one of our experts.

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Electronic shelf labels on a picking kart for orderpicking

Electronic Shelf Labels on pickcars

Automate manual processes through digitized picking carts with Electronic Shelf Labels. With this durable solution, paper labels are no longer needed, you reduce the risk of errors and work more efficiently and reliably.

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Electronic Shelf Labels in your warehouse or DC?

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