Managed Firewall

Managed Firewall

Trust cybersecurity specialists and outsource your firewall management with our managed firewall solution. Let us protect your corporate network from cyber attacks, malware and other cyber threats with the most advanced tools.

Monitor your corporate network with a managed firewall

The firewall is the first and also an important security layer of your corporate network. It forms the foundation of your IT security. Therefore, the most comprehensive CaptureTech Cyber Shield package includes a managed firewall. A managed firewall goes beyond installing a next-generation firewall and keeping it up to date.

A next-generation firewall is indispensable in today’s age. A traditional firewall focuses on the physical protection of hosts and ports; a modern firewall protects your network at all layers from outside attacks.

When you choose a managed firewall, we take full management of the firewall off your hands. That means CaptureTech’s team of cybersecurity experts continuously monitors your environment. That way you can quietly do what you do best, while we take care of firewall management and monitoring your corporate network.

Cyber Security Scan

Start easily and know immediately where you stand with the Security Scan. With this baseline measurement, we scan your current environment, including existing software and hardware and your security policies. Usually we can quickly identify some immediately visible risks, but we also come up with a comprehensive and in-depth report for your area. Should you subsequently choose our CaptureTech Cyber Shield subscription, we do this scan again every year.

IT Consultant Mikel Warbie
Mikel Warbie
IT Security Specialist

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