• Powerful wireless connectivity
  • Application-aware network performance
  • Integrated firewall and VPN functionality

The Extreme WiNG RFS 4000

Extreme WiNG is a leading networking solution from Extreme Networks that provides businesses and organizations of all sizes with high-quality wireless connectivity. It is designed with performance, reliability and scalability in mind, making it the ideal choice for various network environments.

Within the extensive Extreme WiNG series is the RFS 4000, a specific model aimed at medium to large enterprises. With advanced features, the RFS 4000 provides a complete and integrated solution for network performance, security and connectivity.

One of the powerful features of the RFS 4000 is its ability to deliver application-aware network performance, optimizing the network to meet the requirements of different applications. In addition, it offers integrated firewall and VPN functionality to ensure a secure connection and protect corporate data.

The flexibility of the RFS 4000 is reflected in its implementation options. It can be configured with an integrated access point and supports up to 48 access points. This allows it to easily adapt to the growing needs of organizations. Whether expanding the existing network or setting up an entirely new wireless network, the controller provides the scalability needed.

With the Extreme WiNG series, you can be sure that your organization benefits from reliable and powerful wireless connectivity. Whether supporting intensive data traffic, facilitating demanding applications or ensuring the security your network, Extreme WiNG is designed to meet your most demanding network needs. Choose the future of wireless connectivity with Extreme WiNG and get the most out of your business network.

RFS 4000 specifications

Dimensions (h x w x d)44.45 mm x 304.8 mm x 254.0 mm
Weight2.15 kg
Form Factor 1U Rack Mount Tray available
Operating Temperature 0°C - 40°C

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Extreme Networks WiNG RFS 4000

ExtremWireless WiNG is a wireless networking solution from Extreme Networks that provides scalable, reliable and powerful connectivity to businesses of all sizes. The RFS 4000 is a model within this series that offers advanced features such as application-aware network performance, integrated firewall and VPN functionality, and wireless security. It is ideal for organizations that have needs for a scalable wireless network that can grow as their needs change.

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