• Compact and versatile design
  • High performance with total throughput of up to 1.6 Gbps
  • Context-aware security with a stateful L2-L7 DPI firewall
  • Customizable QoS for traffic optimization
  • Managed through the cloud management platform ExtremeCloud IQ
  • Supports power over Ethernet (PoE) and can power digital phones, IoT sensors and cameras via the integrated Gigabit Ethernet ports

The AP150W from Extreme Networks

The AP150W is a high-performance, compact access point designed specifically for multi-unit residential environments, such as hotels. With its versatile functionality and advanced technologies, it offers a powerful solution for wireless connectivity.

Using 802.11ac MU-MIMO Wave 2 technologies and two dual-band radios with 3×3:MIMO, the AP150W delivers impressive wireless performance, with high throughput up to 1.6 Gbps. This allows users to enjoy fast and reliable connections for all their devices. In addition, the AP150W features four Gigabit Ethernet ports with Power over Ethernet support, making it easy to connect digital phones, loT sensors and cameras without additional cabling.

A notable feature of the AP150W is its built-in loT functionality, which allows the access point to not only provide wireless connectivity but also to act as an SD-WAN router switch. Allows users to benefit from contextual security and performance optimization, including a built-in L2-L7 DPI firewall, advanced QoS for traffic optimization and encrypted client tunneling. This makes the AP150W particularly suitable for a variety of environments where security and network performance are paramount.

To simplify management, the AP150W is supported by ExtremeCloud IQ, a powerful cloud management platform from ExtremeNetworks. This allows administrators to easily deploy and manage the access point on a large scale as part of a distributed access network. With ExtremeCloud IQ, configurations, security settings and firmware updates can be managed efficiently, reducing operational costs and improving overall network performance.

AP150W Specifications

Dimensions 105.9mm x 29.2mm x 175mm
Weight390 grams
Operating Temperature 0°C - 40°C

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Extreme Networks AP150W

The AP150W is a compact and powerful wireless access point, SD-WAN router and switch in one, designed for use in locations with multiple households, such as hotel rooms or student apartments. It offers high performance, context-aware security and customizable traffic optimization, and can be managed through the ExtremeCloud IQ cloud management platform.

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