CapCleaner UV-C

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Easily disinfect your industrial mobile equipment, keys, assets in 30 seconds 

Equipment and products that are regularly exchanged between employees within an organization or used in different shifts are often difficult or impossible to disinfect with cleaning alcohol.
CaptureTech’s CapCleaner UV-C allows you to clean mobile equipment and other assets efficiently and easily. Using the same method used in hospitals. UV-C light kills viruses and bacteria very quickly and effectively. Thanks to the special reflection in the CapCleaner UV-C, all sides (360°) are disinfected.

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Disinfection couldn’t be easier. Disinfect your mobile equipment, keys and other assets 360 ° in 30 seconds, with 1 push of a button.


 The CapCleaner UV-C has several security levels built in, such as a safety relay or the hermetic (light-tight) double door, equipped with an electronic lock, which opens automatically after the disinfection process.


UV-C light kills very quickly (30 seconds) and effectively viruses and bacteria. Due to the special reflection in the CapCleaner UV-C, equipment is disinfected 360 °.


The same proven method is also used in hospitals and the food industry to deactivate microbes.

Safe, UV-light sealed door with electronic lock

No liquid is used for disinfection. This does not result in damage to your electronic equipment. We know from UV-C light that it stops the cell division of cells and bacteria, preventing them from multiplying. The CapCleaner UV-C can be used for e.g. keys, handheld terminals, mobile phones, headsets, tablets etc.
It’s very simple and intuitive for the user: The CapCleaner UV-C can be operated in one way and will not open again until the disinfection process has been completed. One button for operation, it couldn’t be simpler. 


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Can be used for keys, telephones, handheld terminals, headsets, tablets, etc.
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Disinfected in 30 seconds
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Simple, safe and fast
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Proven UV-C method as also used in hospitals and food industry

How does it work?

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Step 1

Remove visible dirt, such as dust and grease, from your equipment

Illustration of putting something into a CapCleaner

Step 2

Place the equipment on the grid in the CapCleaner UV-C and start the disinfection process

Step 3; disinfecting hands (Line-art Illustration)

Step 3

Disinfect your hands during the process, according to your protocol

Illustration of taking something out of a CapCleaner

Step 4

The door opens automatically after 30 seconds and the equipment is disinfected


Locker outsize (wxhxd):
16,34 x 15,75 x 12,20 inch

Locker inside (wxhxd):
11,02 x 9,45 x 10,83 inch

1,1127.82 inches

44,09 lbs


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