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The KeyCop, How Does it Work?

Each individual key or set of keys is joined to a KeyCop. Every ‘smart’ KeyCop has a unique identification number as part of the key management service. This number is engraved on the outside of the KeyCop and stored on the RFID tag inside the KeyCop.


KeyCop Works with Different Technologies

The identification number of the KeyCop consists of a barcode and a number, which can also be read by the human eye during manual security key issuing and collecting. Utilizing barcode scanners greatly increases speed. The identification number is also stored on the internal RFID tag of the KeyCop. As a result, identifying a KeyCop can be done using various methods: reading the number, scanning its barcode, or reading it electronically with an RFID reader.

Integration with Existing Operations, Large and Small

CaptureTech’s key management service offers a wide range of solutions, from plug-and-play registration software and/or barcode scanning already in use by your organization, to a wide range of electronic key control systems and cabinets, like the KeyConductor, that allow full automatic key storage from 12 to thousands of keys.

Color-coding Enhances Usability

The KeyCop is available in a large variety of colors for easy recognition. In addition, a company logo or text can also be engraved to enhance usability and increase traceability of software keys.

KeyCop Cardholder

The KeyCop Cardholder is specifically designed to store access control, proximity or even payment cards in CaptureTech’s electronic keycabinet the KeyConductor. The card holder is simply attached to the KeyCop and once inserted in the cabinet, the cards cannot be removed from the holder.

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High Security or Re-usable Technology

For high security environments, such as Cash in Transit operations, the KeyCop key management service is available as a single-use security seal, where the keys can only be attached to the KeyCop once. Thus, one cannot change the keys attached to a KeyCop without cutting the resistant steel cable and making it easier to control keys within your organization.

For environments where the attached keys to a KeyCop change regularly, a reusable hasp version is available when only the hasp is renewed each time keys are changed. There are two hasp versions available—the standard hasp and the Omega hasp for a larger quantity of keys.

What are the benefits of a KeyCop