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CaptureTech is a dynamic and relatively young company, founded in 1999. We are a trusted knowledge partner for clients in our fields of expertise.

First and foremost, we advise on, deliver and implement solutions for ‘next-level traceability’ of your company keys and assets, utilizing Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.

Key management and asset management means having state-of-the-art control over your valuable assets, such as keys, mobile computers, barcode scanners, laptops, pay terminals, mobile phones, tablets et cetera. Valuable equipment used in your work processes of which you want to know who has it, where and when at any given time.

CaptureTech’s Key and Asset management solutions interfaces with the Lenel OnGuard® access control security system

CaptureTech Receives Lenel Factory Certification



The KeyCop

The KeyCop, developed by CaptureTech, is a sealed ‘intelligent’ key ring for one or more keys. Its purpose: to enable you to keep track of all your organization’s keys, to improve security and to reduce costs.

– Equipped with the latest Ultra High Frequency RFID technology
– Simultaneous issue and collection of multiple keys and/or KeyCops
– Your choice: manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic registration
– Tracking and tracing of all keys in your organization
– Improved security: restricted access in time and space

key storage

The KeyConductor

The KeyConductor, developed by CaptureTech, is a solution for key storage management. Essentially, it is an electronic key register cabinet. The KeyConductor is available with barcode scanning or with RFID.

You can choose a configuration that suits your organization’s business or operation. The KeyConductor is designed on the basis of horizontal ‘blades’. A blade is a metal strip containing the KeyConductor technology, with 12 key positions. Various cabinet sizes with different numbers of blades are available. The system can be expanded easily.


The CapLocker

The CapLocker, developed by CaptureTech, is a solution for safe and secure business asset storage and management. It can be used for high-risk and/or valuable items such as weapons, pay terminals, laptops, tablets, smartphones et cetera. In addition to your company’s assets, your employees can also store their personal belongings.

Essentially, the CapLocker is an electronic cabinet or locker with various compartments. It is available with pin code, barcode scanning or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).


The KeyCaptor

The KeyCaptor, developed by CaptureTech, is a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tracking and tracing solution for the banking and cash-in-transit sectors. Essentially, it is an ‘intelligent’ cabinet using smart ‘intelligent’ KeyCop key rings for 100 percent effective key registration, countering fraud and theft.

The system identifies and weighs KeyCops for identification, registration and to ensure no fraud or theft of one or more keys can occur.

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CaptureTech supplies software for KeyCop management in two versions:

The free basic CaptureTech Manager
The paid CaptureTech WebManager with enhanced functionalities


CaptureTech Manager

You can start immediately, using the free software for CaptureTech Manager, an RFID barcode reader and the number of KeyCops you require. The software can be used to register users, user groups and their authorisations. Keys are registered at issue and collection. This software is available for Windows only (32 bit or 64 bit). KeyCop Manager can only be used on a single personal computer.

CaptureTech WebManager

The next level in key management software – managing users, KeyCops and one or more KeyConductors or CapLockers (both ‘intelligent’ lockers) – is CaptureTech WebManager.

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