KeyConductor for Daelzicht


Lean Property Management in the Care Sector with KeyConductor

Daelzicht is an organization providing care to 2,000 children, youth, and adults with mental disabilities at around 80 locations in the southern part of the Netherlands. Its headquarters in the town of Heel is also home to a large residential area with facilities for daytime activities. The institution aims to deliver an excellent care service to its patients and their families, and realize the highest degree of efficiency for its non-care-related operation.

Efficient Property Management After Reorganization

The Daelzicht organization has a large real estate portfolio. Harry Foederer and Wim Mulder are responsible for maintenance. Foederer: “About four years ago, we started a reorganization. For our section, Real Estate meant fulfilling property needs as efficiently as possible. We sold buildings and leased them back from their new owner.” The old headquarters building was torn down and Daelzicht’s HQ is now located is a former bank building in town. There is no reception hall; entry is managed by cameras and an access control system for safety and efficiency.

Forced to be Cost-Efficient

The government forces organizations such as Daelzicht to remove as many costs as possible from the ‘care product’. Harry Foederer explains: “By working with a multi-year plan as a basis for maintenance contracts with contractors and installers, maintenance costs up to the year 2030 are already known to us.”

Care for Keys

Wim Mulder adds: “In the old days, when a contractor or installer had to do a certain job, he would first report to the porter. After this, he could pick up the key from the building at the reception. He had to sign off on receipt of the key, which often was not done or not done properly. After finishing the job he had to hand in the key, which was forgotten quite frequently. In short, keys required a lot of care and attention.”

Controlled Access

The multi-year plan for real estate maintenance was drawn up in cooperation with BSU, a company providing real estate services. Wim Mulder: “It was BSU who provided us with information about the KeyConductor. Shortly thereafter, we invited CaptureTech to our offices.” Two KeyConductors were installed at two separate locations; one in Heel and one in Koningslust. These are managed from headquarters through the web-based application. All contractors, installers, and cleaners who work at one of those locations were supplied with an individual authentication code and a pin code for one particular keychain in the key cabinet.

Saving Time and Worrying Less

“The automated and controlled distribution (issuing and receiving) of keychains saves us considerable time and worries”, says Harry Foederer. “People themselves are responsible for the keychain from issue to reception. Our system contains the mobile phone number of each user, so we can place a call in the event a keychain is overdue.”

Reports Lead to Insight

The reporting functionality of the KeyConductor definitely provides added value for Daelzicht. Wim Mulder: “Our gym and swimming pool are rented out for the evenings. With the times of issuing and receiving of keys, the number of hours the facilities are used can be charged efficiently, on the basis of a monthly report.”

KeyConductor saves Daelzicht time and costs. In addition, the higher degree of control over keys increases security and safety for clients and employees. Harry Foederer: “The KeyConductor gives us the confidence and ease to concentrate on our core business.”