Efficient, reliable and secure solutions for key management

Stay in control and well-organized

Does your company use keys for conference rooms, filing cabinets, storerooms, server cabinets, cars and other applications? Are there clear guidelines for key management, but are they not being followed (properly)? The loss of keys can result in  a financial setback. Just imagine the waste of time and exasperation caused by searching for lost keys.

CaptureTech offers custom-designed key management solutions so that your key management is well organized. Our electronic key cabinets are efficient, reliable and secure.

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1. Electronic key cabinet

Full control over key management? CaptureTech’s electronic key cabinet makes that possible. Looking for a key or not knowing who is using it. Not knowing when the key was issued or where it is located? When you use an electronic key system, such irritations and waste of time become a thing of the past.

CaptureTech develops and produces key management systems based on a barcode and RFID.

Electronic key cabinets

2. Software

Software for a watertight audit trail

A closed audit trail is ideal. That is how you pervent fraud, loss or theft.

Do you want to know exactly who, what, where and when keys have been passed from hand to hand? In other words, do you need a complete and conclusive overview or a full audit trail for your keys? The CaptureTech WebManager can give you all of these things.

The CaptureTech WebManager, a web-based application, provides you with a comprehensive overview of what has happened with the keys. All the steps are registered very precisely in a database. So that you can see 24/7, the status of the valuable items linked to the system.

3. Services

Services for 24/7 management

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