CaptureApp, the ideal reservation app for the CombiLocker

The CombiLocker is ideal for combining key management with the management of valuable company resources. With the CaptureApp, employees can easily and quickly reserve a laptop, beamer, car keys or room keys, and so on. This can be done from home, on the go or on location. Reservations can be made using a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. The CombiLocker is already being used on a large scale in the education sector and in office buildings.

With the CaptureApp, your employees can easily and quickly reserve valuable items owned by your company or organization. After making a reservation, they receive a QR code on their smartphone. At the CombiLocker, they then hold the code in front of the scanner to open the relevant compartment and have access to keys, a laptop, beamer or other company resources.

Another advantage of this system? It maintains a full audit trail. In other words, it precisely monitors which items have been taken out or returned, when and by whom.

A FULL AUDIT TRAIL facilitates the perfect management of keys and company resources

With a closed audit trail, you can check 24/7 who has keys and valuable company resources in their possession, where the items are located or when they were returned. Registrations made by the CaptureApp are registered directly through the CaptureTech WebManager and managed in a database.

Some of the advantages:

  • Web-based application.
  • Management of groups, people, compartments and KeyCops.
  • Full audit trail.
  • Automatic reports.
  • Possibility of email and SMS alerts.