Electronic CombiLocker

Full control over keys and valuable company resources

As soon as you start managing company resources electronically and in an ultramodern way, you have full control over valuable items such as keys, mobile computers, barcode scanners, laptops, terminals, mobile phones, cameras and tablets. It is only logical that you want to know who is using what, where it is located and when it is being used. The CombiLocker gives you 100% transparency.

The CombiLocker electronic locker system is the ideal system for the safe and secure storage of keys and company resources. With the CombiLocker, you know who has taken out which item, when it was taken out, whether it was returned and when. The CombiLocker is fully compatible with our range of electronic key cabinets, the KeyConductor. In this way, you protect not only your company resources but also your keys.

Some of the advantages:

  • Optimal protection of keys and valuable company resources in one electronic locker.
  • Use of barcode scanning or Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) RFID technology.
  • Integration with existing proximity and/or swipe card system or biometric reader.
  • Scalable with compartments of the same or different sizes.
  • Many extra options such as power supply in each compartment.

Which CombiLocker technology suits you best?

Barcode technology

Are you interested in barcode technology? This means that the valuable items have a barcode for a specific compartment. In the software, you can use authorizations to record who is allowed to do what. Employees who are logged on can open the compartment in order to gain access to the items. When employees are returning company resources, they scan them again and put them back in the locker. The system monitors exactly who has taken out items or returned them.


Are you interested in the UHF RFID technology? This means that valuable items are assigned a UHF RFID tag for a specific compartment. All compartments have a UHF RFID antenna that automatically identifies the contents in real-time. With this technology, multiple devices can be identified separately for each compartment. The system monitors 24/7 who has taken out which items and when, and whether they are still using them or have returned them.

The electronic CombiLocker is scalable and can be configured according to your requirements. The difference with the CapLocker? With the CombiLocker, the KeyConductor (electronic key management) can be fully integrated.

A full audit trial to prevent fraud or theft

With a closed audit trail, you can check 24/7 where keys or other valuable items are located. This is because the CaptureTech WebManager registers all the activities of the users and manages them in a database. With the CaptureTech WebManager, not knowing where valuable company resources are located becomes a thing of the past. This way, you take a huge step towards improving company security.

Some of the advantages?

  • Web-based application.
  • Management of groups, people and compartments.
  • A full audit trail.
  • Automatic reports.
  • Possibility of email and SMS alerts.

Booking module

With the CaptureApp, employees can easily and quickly reserve items that are managed in the CombiLocker. Employees who reserve items receive a QR code on their smartphone, tablet on laptop. This QR code can be used to open the locker at the confirmed time.