The most efficient, reliable and safe locker systems for company resource management

More efficient management of company resources

Every organization shares valuable company resources. But how do you keep track of who, when and what somebody is using? Manually keeping device records is a time-consuming job. Moreover, such a system is not watertight because there is always the chance of human error.

The electronic locker system from CaptureTech is ideal for the efficient management of company resources. It is available in different formats, including software for a closed audit trail, implementation and maintenance service.

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1. Electronic locker systems

Electronic locker systems

Do you want to safely and reliably store valuable items such as keys, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, barcode scanners and terminals? With its electronic lockers, CaptureTech creates a customized solution for keys and company resources. This results in a storage, issue and return process that is efficient, reliable and safe. You can check precisely who is using which device, where it is located and when it is being used.

2. Software

Software for a closed audit trail

A closed audit trail is ideal. That is how you prevent fraud, loss or theft.

Do you want to know exactly where and when company resources are being used and by whom?  In other words, do you need a complete and conclusive overview or a full audit trail of your company resources? The CaptureTech WebManager can offer this all.

The CaptureTech WebManager, a web-based application, provides you with a comprehensive overview of what has happened with the company resources. All the steps are registered very precisely in a database. In this way you can see 24/7 the status of the valuable items that are linked to the system.

CaptureTech WebManager

3. Services

Services voor 24/7 management

Avoid excessive operational costs and discover our 24/7 management services. Be like many of our customers and outsource some or all of your IT management to CaptureTech. Choose one of the following services:

  • Hosting
  • Managed Services
  • Cloud Management
  • Wi-FI coverage
  • WAAS
  • SAAS
  • ICT management – on premise of in de cloud
  • Repairs

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