CaptureTech WebManager

Does your company lack control over key management and the management of other valuable company resources? Yet you realize that a greater control over the issue and return process is needed? When you succeed in doing that, you will take a huge step towards improving company security. You will also avoid much irritation and save a lot of time. With the CaptureTech WebManager you can monitor 24/7 where keys, laptops or other valuable company resources are located.

  • More efficient
  • Safer
  • More reliable

The next-level software for the more efficient management of company resources

The CaptureTech WebManager is a web-based application that answers the questions who, what, where and when. In other words, CaptureTech WebManager registers all the activities carried out with your valuable company resources in a database. I you can see 24/7 where your keys, laptops, beamers or other valuable company resources are located. Discover how the KeyConductor, CapLocker and CombiLocker can further automate the issue and return of your company resources.

Some of the advantages of the CaptureTech WebManager:

  1. All you need for this web-based application is a web browser.
  2. Standard interfaces with all common access control systems.
  3. Storage and management of data in a central database.
  4. Easy management of users, groups, keys and lockers.
  5. Waterproof audit trail of company resources.
  6. Possibility to create multiple overviews and reports.
  7. Possibility to define notifications and alerts.
  8. Possibility to expand with CaptureApp so that employees can reserve company resources using a desktop computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Link the booking module to the software

Keys and company resources that are stored in the CombiLocker can be reserved easily and quickly using the CaptureApp. Employees who have reserved a company resource automatically receive a QR code on their tablet or smartphone. They can then use this code to open the locker at the planned time.

Your software on premise or in the Cloud.

Cloud-based software safe and reliable in MS Azure

Do you not want to use CaptureTech on premise? That is not a problem, because you can also use CaptureTech WebManager in the Cloud. As part of this service, CaptureTech is responsible for the software, hosting and maintenance. The software is hosted in Microsoft Azure, which complies with the highest safety standards and uptime guarantees. All data communication between the CaptureTech WebManager and the KeyConductor(s), CapLocker(s) or CombiLocker(s) takes place using High Secure VPN modems.

The advantages of CaptureTech WebManager in the CaptureCloud?

  • Your IT department does not have to spend valuable time on infrastructure-related matters.
  • Fully hosted environment in Microsoft Azure.
  • 24/7 monitoring.
  • Back-up, recovery and disaster recovery.
  • Full management of the server.
  • Attractive low monthly expenses.
  • Easy access through the internet using a (mobile) web browser and safe SSL connection.
  • Safe, stable and fully scalable.