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Untraceable keys and other company resources?

What is the point of having locks if the keys are left lying around and anyone can pick them up? Is key management and the efficient management of other company resources such as laptops a challenge? Until recently, there was no watertight and easy electronic system on the market for issuing, returning and using physical keys and company resources. This gap in the market inspired CaptureTech to develop its electronic management system. The system reduces costs, saves time and, even more importantly, boosts the company’s security.

Choose a full-fledged key management system or an electronic locker solution.


Do you recognize this?

Want to talk to people who understand their specialist field and proactively come up with ideas.
CaptureTech employs passionate and reliable super-specialists who can explain everything clearly.

Investing in a standard solution that is not completely compatible.
CaptureTech only supplies solutions that are flexible and scalable and ensure optimal management.

Questions arising after implementation but no support available.
At CaptureTech, all of our customers have a fixed contact person who knows the ins and outs of the project. We have committed specialists who are ready to help you 24/7.

Wanting the best technology to stay ahead of the competition.
CaptureTech develops and supplies ingenious systems and has always been a frontrunner in the sector.

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