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KeyCop Benefits

– Key control systems equipped with the latest Ultra High Frequency RFID technology
– Simultaneous issue and collection of multiple keys and/or KeyCops ensures key security
– Your choice in key control system of manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic registration
– The ability to track and trace all keys in your organization
– Restricted access in time and space improves security
– No more changing locks and keys after loss reduces costs
– Creates greater security awareness in staff, contractors and suppliers
–Key management protects all your valuable company assets
– The KeyCop is available as a wired seal security key for high security environments and as a reusable hasp version for infinite re-use.

Simultaneous Issue and Collection

UHF Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) enables you to scan multiple KeyCops at once. Simply put the KeyCops to be scanned on the scanning plate (RFID reader), and the scanning is done in just a second. Fast, secure and complete.

Tracking and Tracing of all Keys

A real-time overview of your organization’s keys provides comfort and peace of mind. With KeyCop key access control technology, you will always know what keys are where, used by whom and why, at what time, saving Valuable time

Improved Security

Restricted access to your keys improves security. Thanks to the KeyCop, only those who need to be in a particular space within your building at a specific time will have authorized access, providing the ideal key control solution for your workplace.

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Manual, Semi-automatic or Fully automatic Registration

Manual issue and collection of KeyCops can be done in the key management software, you may make the process more efficient by adding a scanner or RFID reader. But, to issue and collect KeyCops without interference of a supervisor, CaptureTech also has a wide range of electronic key cabinets available, such as the KeyConductor, in which the KeyCops can be used.

Reduced costs

Unfortunately, a contractor or supplier taking with them and/or losing one or several keys of your organization is a frequent scenario. Using KeyCop key control technology, this will be a thing of the past, with no more additional costs of changing locks and ordering new keys

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Latest UHF RFID Technology

The KeyCop is the world’s first and only solution that is based on Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID technology, the latest worldwide standard in respect of passive RFID.

CaptureTech deliberately chose to integrate UHF RFID in their key management system, as it needs less maintenance than ‘contact-based’ technology and offers great advantages compared to conventional RFID technologies such as Low Frequency (LF) and High Frequency (HF). With UHF, applications can be supported such as RFID detection gates, mobile RFID terminals to perform quick inventories, and tracking and tracing of valuable assets such as laptops, ipads, mobile phones et cetera.


Greater security awareness

Security is not necessarily ‘top of mind’ with staff other than your security personnel. Using KeyCops will increase security awareness among your entire staff. This makes for a safer work environment. Contractors and suppliers will also operate more securely. Install a detection gate (RFID pedestal) with antenna and alarm for extra security.

Protecting all your valuable company assets

KeyCop technology – when used in combination with our CapLocker – is a highly effective means of protecting company assets. Think of laptops, tablets, smartphones et cetera. All of these and more can be secured using either barcode or UHF RFID.

High Security or Re-usable technology

For high security environments, such as Cash in Transit operations, the KeyCop is available as a single use security seal. This means that the keys can only be attached to the KeyCop once. Thus, the keys attached to a KeyCop cannot be changed without cutting the steel cable, which will then fray.

For environments where the attached keys to a KeyCop change regularly, a reusable hasp version is available. This means that only the hasp is renewed each time when keys are changed, but the body of the KeyCop itself is being reused. There are two hasp versions available, the standard hasp and the Omega hasp for a larger number of keys.

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