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Key and Asset Management for Hotels and Hospitality

Even with the current widespread use of keycards, a lot of ‘classic’ physical keys are still being used in the hotel sector. Managing these physical keys is often a challenging and time-consuming effort, frequently resulting in a need to replace key cylinders or duplicate keys.

CaptureTech’s solutions can put an end to these headaches for those in hotels and hospitality. Our secure key management services allow any user to monitor the status of their keys in real time. This provides any hospitality business with a complete audit trail of who took and/or returned which keys and when.

Besides keys, there are also valuable devices in use at hotels, such as iPads, laptops, and mobile phones. These assets need to be tracked, located, and maintained to ensure loss prevention and efficient use. With CaptureTech’s KeyCop, KeyConductor and CapLocker solutions, the management of your keys and assets can reach all new levels of accountability, efficiency, and safety.

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