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Key and Asset Management for Facility Management

As an integral part of your organization’s facility management, CaptureTech’s integrated key and asset management systems can help your business reach all new levels of accountability and efficiency.

Always knowing in real-time where your keys and assets are – who has them and for how long – is now possible with our latest CaptureTech electronic key tracking systems.

Facility Management Asset Tracking with CaptureTech

Attaching UHF RFID tags to you facilities’ assets allows any employee to track them in real time. You can attach these to mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones, and it is also possible to tag desktop computers, printers, office desks and chairs. Doing so provides an all-round overview and inventory of all major company assets.

Facility Management Key Control with CaptureTech
CaptureTech electronic key tracking systems brings this accountability and efficiency even further, providing a boost to safety at the same time. Our KeyCop, KeyConductor and CapLocker allow your company to keep a real-time log of who is accessing any key. Even further, these systems let your company control who has access to what keys, guaranteeing that only authorized personnel have access to the assets and areas those keys unlock.

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