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What is a Keyconductor?

The KeyConductor, developed by CaptureTech, is a solution for key storage management. Essentially, it is an electronic key cabinet. The KeyConductor is available with barcode scanning or with RFID.

You can choose a configuration that suits your organization’s business or operation. The KeyConductor is designed on the basis of horizontal ‘blades’. A blade is a metal strip containing the KeyConductor technology, with 12 key positions. Various cabinet sizes with different numbers of blades are available. The system can be expanded easily.

An important choice is the one for barcode scanning or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

CaptureTech’s Key and Asset management solutions interfaces with the Lenel OnGuard® access control security system

CaptureTech Receives Lenel Factory Certification

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KeyConductor benefits

– Fully automatic key issue and collection, no human supervision required
– Easy Configuration by enhanced software
– Improved security: restricted access in time and space
– Contactless and equipped with barcode technology or RFID
– The KeyCop is available as a wired seal for high security environments but also as a reusable hasp version for infinite re-use
– Integration with existing proximity card and/or swipe card system
– Scalable up to thousands of keys

High Security or Re-usable technology

For high security environments, such as Cash in Transit operations, the KeyCop is available as a single use security seal. For environments where the content of a KeyCop changes regularly, also a reusable hasp version is available.

Improved security

The KeyConductor contributes to a real-time overview of your organization’s keys, providing comfort and peace of mind. With the KeyConductor, your keys are always used by authorized persons where and when you want.

Restricted access to your keys improves security.

Contactless and equipped with barcode technology or RFID

When designing and developing the system, CaptureTech deliberately chose not to make the KeyConductors ‘contact-based’, meaning that the KeyCop has to make a physical contact in a slot in order to retrieve the unique KeyCop number.

KeyConductor and CapLocker

In many scenarios there is a requirement to combine key and asset management, for instance at universities or in office buildings. By using an app users can reserve either valuable assets (laptops, beamers and so on) and/or keys (for rooms, cars et cetera).

After making a reservation the user will then receive a QR code on his mobile phone. Upon arrival at the cabinet, the user presents the QR code and the corresponding compartment(s) will open and/or key(s) will be released. This solution keeps a full audit trail of who has taken which assets and keys and when they have been returned.

The KeyConductor, developed by CaptureTech, is the solution for key storage management. Essentially, it is an electronic key cabinet. The KeyConductor is available with barcode scanning or with RFID.

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How does it work?

Picking up keys

The KeyConductor’s integrated keyboard and display are used to log in and select the required key(s). Only if the person is authorized, the door is unlocked, the KeyCop(s) lights up and is unlocked.

Returning keys

Scanning the barcode on the KeyCop(s) with the integrated barcode scanner, the key position where the KeyCop should be placed lights up. After insertion, the KeyCop is locked immediately. This makes it impossible to remove or change its location.

Full audit trail and inventory

The KeyConductor keeps a real-time log of all issued and returned keys. As a result, your key inventory is always up-to-date. You can retrieve this so-called audit trail on the display of the KeyConductor, over your network or download it onto a USB stick.


CaptureTech supplies software for KeyCop management in two versions:

– The free CaptureTech Manager
– The CaptureTech WebManager with additional features and functionalities

CaptureTech Manager

You can start immediately, using the free software CaptureTech Manager and the number of KeyCops you require. The software can be used to register users, user groups and their authorizations. Keys can then be registered at issue and collection. In order to make the process even more efficient, you may want to attach a barcode scanner or RFID reader to your PC.

CaptureTech WebManager

The next level in key management software is CaptureTech WebManager.

In this web-based application, all data is stored in a central MySQL database. CaptureTech WebManager facilitates multiple users with different roles and authorizations. A full audit trail is kept of all changes made by users to the database, for example if master data are changed. Only an internet browser is needed to access the web application.