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What is a KeyCaptor?

The KeyCaptor, developed by CaptureTech, is a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tracking and tracing solution for the banking and cash-in-transit sectors. Essentially, it is an ‘intelligent’ cabinet using smart ‘intelligent’ KeyCop key rings for 100 percent effective key registration, countering fraud and theft.

The system identifies and weighs KeyCops for identification, registration and to ensure no fraud or theft of one or more keys can occur.

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KeyCaptor benefits

– Supports wired seal as well as reusable hasp version KeyCops
– Equipped with the latest Ultra High Frequency RFID technology
– Simultaneous issue and collection of multiple keys
– Ultrafast identification and registration
– Weighing of each individual set of keys
– Real-time overview through tracking and tracing

Simultaneous issue and collection

Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) RFID enables the KeyCaptor system to read a large number of keys in one go.

Ultrafast identification and registration

RFID reading is ultrafast, reliable and secure. Identification and registration of issued and/or collected sets of keys is a matter of one second.

Real-time overview by track and trace

A real-time overview of your organization’s keys provides comfort and peace of mind. With KeyCaptor technology, you will always know what keys are where, used by whom and why, at what time. 100 percent security and saving of valuable time.

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How does it work?

KeyCaptor is RFID-based

The identification number of the KeyCop consists of a barcode and a human-readable number. In theory, the numbers could also be read by the human eye or barcode-scanned. However, the identification number is also stored on the internal RFID tag of the KeyCop. The KeyCaptor was designed specifically with Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) RFID technology.

Fast, reliable and secure

The KeyCaptor tackles three major concerns:

  1. How do I know that the correct KeyCops have been issued?
  2. How do I know that the correct KeyCops have been collected again?
  3. How do I know at collection that no individual keys, or part of keys, are missing?

Color-coding enhances usability

The KeyCop can be made available in a large variety of colors, facilitating easy recognition. In addition, a company logo or text can also be engraved. Ways to enhance usability and increase traceability.


Special software for special transport

The KeyCaptor software has been specifically developed for issuing and collecting keys in cash-in-transit (CIT) operations, necessary to service locations on a route.

The centralized software has been designed for use with KeyCaptors and/or KeyConductors, so devices at different geographical locations can make use of a single central database. All master data is saved in the management application such as users, KeyCops, locations and routes. The client application is specifically used by the supervisor that issues and collects the sets of keys in a branch.

Support of inventory

In case conventional, non-electronic key cabinets are used to store the sets of keys, the software also supports an efficient and quick inventory by the use of a mobile computer with an integrated UHF RFID reader.