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Key and asset management for banking and cash-in-transit

The backbone of any modern cash handling or cash-in-transit (CIT) operation or company is an automated tracking and tracing system optimizing the work processes, ensuring optimal service for the customer as well as realizing the best possible profit margin.

RFID technology for valuables transport

CaptureTech has considerable experience with the automation of logistic processes in cash handling/ cash-in-transit. We have successfully implemented our systems for central banks, commercial banks and Cash in Transit companies.

Specifically, the KeyCaptor and KeyConductor use RFID tracking and tracing and weighing to assist our clients in these sectors with secure key management. Should asset management be needed, CaptureTech’s modular and flexible CapLocker system provides a reliable solution.


Success factors

Decisive factors for your successful cash handling/cash-in-transit operation are, for example, optimal route planning (visiting all locations to be serviced effectively and efficiently), high-level customer service, efficient use of company assets and securely executing clients’ orders.

A fast-developing trend in cash handling is speedy delivery-on-demand (dynamic routing). With CaptureTech’s systems, you are able to support dynamic routing for keys and other assets that are necessary to perform service at the locations.

More efficient and more secure

Using UHF RFID, non-personal transfer of valuables, registering incoming or outgoing keychains CaptureTech systems and products make your cash handling/cash-in-transit operation more efficient, more secure and more reliable.

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