KeyCop, the intelligent key ring

Keep track of all the keys in your organization.

The KeyCop is an intelligent key ring with a barcode to which you can attach one or more keys. It also has an integrated RFID tag. With a KeyCop you can improve key management in your organization because you can check precisely who has the keys, when they were issued, when they were returned or where they are currently located. With KeyCop, keys will never be lost again, thus increasing company security.

You can use the KeyCop for the manual issue and return of keys. You can also use it in the electronic key cabinets.

The KeyCop technology enables you to simplify and control key management in your organization. Because you can always use it to check who has a key, why it is being used and for how long it is/has been in use. That way, you save time, avoid irritation and increase corporate security.

  • Fitted with barcode and UHF-RFID.
  • Simultaneous issue and return of multiple keys and/or KeyCops possible.
  • Track and trace all keys in your organization.
  • Greater security by defining times and rooms.
  • Replacing cylinders and keys becomes a thing of the past.
  • Increased security awareness of personnel, contractors and suppliers.

The KeyCop in use

What makes the KeyCop so useful? You can use it in multiple ways. An important consideration when making your choice? Determine the number of keys for which you want to optimize key management. The KeyCop has an identification number formatted as a barcode, but also a number that can be read with the naked eye. Therefore, a number of different options are available.

Option 1

Opt for the manual issue and return of keys if you want to manage more effectively a small number of keys. How does the manual key management process work? The unique number on the KeyCop can be read with the naked eye and then entered in the system. CaptureTech supplies standard software to register the issue and return in this way.

Option 2

In addition to the manual registration procedure described for option 1, you can also use a barcode scanner to read the identification number. A barcode scanner speeds up the identification process.

Option 3

Because the identification number is also displayed on the internal RFID tag of the KeyCop, you can also identify keys with an RID reader or RFID port. Other advantages of this option? Firstly, the KeyCops are detected automatically. Secondly, an alarm can be activated when an unauthorized person tries to remove the KeyCop from the building or room.

Option 4

Because the identification number is also saved on the internal RFID chip of the KeyCop, it is possible to draw up a fast and simple inventory of KeyCops using a mobile RFID reader.

Option 5

Do you want even greater ease of use and security? Keys can be collected and issued automatically and under full control with the CaptureTech KeyConductor, the electronic key cabinet.

audit trail

Do you need a complete and conclusive overview or a full audit trail of your keys? The CaptureTech WebManager registers all activities of users and manages the keys in a database. In this way, you can see 24/7 the status of every key that you linked to the system.

Some of the advantages:

  • Web-based application.
  • Management of groups, people and KeyCops.
  • A full audit trail.
  • Automatic reports.
  • Possibility of email and SMS alerts.