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Key and Asset Management for Airports

With an incredible amount of daily traffic, the highest level of key and asset security is required in airports. This security provides added safety for both travelers and workers and helps improve overall airport efficiency.

Assigning Key and Asset Access in Airports

A wide variety of employees work to ensure airport procedures are carried out smoothly. From baggage handlers to air traffic controllers, airport employees need constant access to assets such as baggage scanners, emergency vehicles and other devices.

Assigning the correct key and asset access to each employee is crucial to the success of airport operations, as well as the safety of passengers and workers. CaptureTech’s advanced key control systems and asset management solutions, such as KeyCop, KeyConductor and CapLocker, simplify the process of assigning access to keys and major airport assets. These solutions also provide a secure method of doing so.

Key Control Systems in Airports

Instant access to a large variety of keys, including those for tax-free shops, vehicles or airport facilities, is essential for an uninterrupted flow of airport operations. Employees need a central and secure location where keys are easily picked up for use and then returned. Organize your airport’s key management and restrict access to authorized personnel only with a CaptureTech secure key cabinet.

Improving Accountability of Airport Employees

Accountability is essential when it comes to entrusting employees to use and operate expensive airport equipment. Effective and secure key management software with CaptureTech systems allows for a real-time overview of every key available to your employees.


Asset Management of Valuables in Airports

Asset management is crucial for an airport’s most valuable assets. CaptureTech’s Intelligent locker cabinets allow you to control who is allowed to take out a device and thus when it can be used. This also includes device a monitoring service, which keeps track of who is in possession of or last accessed a device. Combined, these services creates the ultimate employee accountability system for airports.

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